Privacy and Seclusion in Spain

“Cap Blanc Ibiza” is in one of Spain’s most desired locations on the island — Cap Martinet, Talamanca.

The exclusive private residence of nine luxury villas was designed so each home ensures the privacy and seclusion of its owners.

“It is just a short drive to the world’s best nightlife, and some of the most spectacular white-sand beaches you can imagine,” says Richard Lacey of Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Blue Moon who is representing the property. “Ibiza is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.”

The home showcases stunning architecture inspired by contemporary, Brazilian design — a work of a team of leading Dutch and Spanish architects that create these properties where outdoors and indoors merge and flow.

Notable features include floor-to-ceiling windows and large doors that provide unobstructed views of the sea and the island of Formentera. “The lounge for me is the best spot, high ceilings with lots of light, ideal for entertaining,” says Lacey.  

Listed for 3.5 million euros, the home also features 600 square meters of living space over three floors, five en-suite bedrooms, open-space fully equipped kitchen, incredible sea views, private garden with spacious swimming pool, private garage, state-of-the-art security, additional service kitchen, fitness room and sauna, and a wine cellar. There is also an optional private movie theater and separate accommodation for staff. The nine residences that make up Cap Blanc Ibiza offer unparalleled amenities and facilities for those seeking a place to relax in comfortable luxury. 

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Introducing Barbados’ Luxury Real Estate

Barbados’ most luxurious harbor-front and beachfront resort and luxury real estate properties, Port Ferdinand and Saint Peter’s Bay offer prime real estate and accommodation on the Platinum Coast, the West Coast of the island, which is not only renowned for its calm and clear waters, but also the exclusive selection of restaurants and resorts. Located outside of the hurricane belt, where the West Indies meets the Caribbean sits Barbados – a diverse island, full of rich British history, delicious rums, and of course, white sand beaches along a blue-green sea.

Photo courtesy of Saint Peter’s Bay Oceanfront Residences.

Port Ferdinand Yacht & Beach Club Residence:

Starting at $2.1 million with a collection of two to five-bedroom luxury harbor-front villas, Port Ferdinand Yacht & Beach Club Residences offers homeowners luxury living in a full-service marina and yachting community. Providing a wealth of amenities including 60’ yacht slips, 100’ dockside storage room for each residence, waterfront eateries and bars, expansive Sandbox Tree spa and fitness center and 1.4 acres of pristine beachfront, the resort is perfect for anyone seeking a truly unique and luxurious Caribbean getaway. A new stylish bistro by Barbados’ finest chef, Larry Rogers, Dockside at 13˚/59˚, has also recently opened at Port Ferdinand, offering high quality meals using fresh quality ingredients in a relaxed dockside setting. Port Ferdinand is also home to the newest Nikki Beach Club!

Saint Peter’s Bay Oceanfront Residences:

Located a mere 3km away is Port Ferdinand’s sister resort, Saint Peter’s Bay. Consisting of a unique collection of three- and five-bedroom beachfront homes and penthouses for homeownership and rental, St. Peter’s Bay Resort & Residences boasts a private and discreet environment for all its esteemed guests. With residences starting at $1.6 million, the luxurious, but deeply relaxed beachfront resort, offers villa-style homes spread over 150 ft of pristine beach with crystal clear water – encapsulating Barbados’ appeal in one of its most exclusive settings.  

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Polo is a Coveted Component of Equestrian Estates

The regal sport of polo is enjoying broader acceptance throughout America, but still thrives on its exclusivity.

The game of polo appears to date back to 600 B.C. in Persia, but the modern era began at clubs established by British officers in 19th century colonial India. The game earned a following amongst equestrian communities throughout the nation and has since become a coveted component of equestrian estates around the country.

Nestled in Santa Barbara Wine Country is Montecito paradise — a 20-acre estate featuring manicured landscaping, a Polo field with state of the art irrigation, and 17-stall horse stables with full amenities. Equestrian estates are being elevated with the inclusion of polo fields that give the homes an exclusive touch and endless entertaining opportunities.

The game is an undeniable social event with fashionable attire, delicious food, and plenty of opportunities to engage while enjoying the game. This $65 million Bella Vista Polo Ranch is ideal for entertainers that want to enjoy the game from the comfort of their own home and share the experience with their guests.

The home also boasts Santa Barabara’s largest private residential wine cellar and tasting room, top-of-the-line finishes, full spa and gym, and speakeasy-esque ballroom that adds to the estate’s refined and classic atmosphere. The Polo Ranch exudes the luxury that Nest Seeker International’s — a full-service residential and commercial luxury real estate brokerage firm — clientele has come to expect.  

For more information, and to view a full list of the home’s features and amenities, visit:

Playing Polo

Field: Polo is played on a field measuring 160 yards wide and 300 yards long (approximately 10 acres), with eight-yard- wide goals at each end.

Field: Polo is played on a field measuring 160 yards wide and 300 yards long (approximately 10 acres), with eight-yard- wide goals at each end.

Field: Polo is played on a field measuring 160 yards wide and 300 yards long (approximately 10 acres), with eight-yard- wide goals at each end.

Game Duration: A game typically consists of six seven-minute “chukkers” separated by three-minute breaks, and a 15-minute halftime. Fresh polo ponies — despite the name, they are full-size horses — are constantly rotated into the game.

Game Duration: A game typically consists of six seven-minute “chukkers” separated by three-minute breaks, and a 15-minute halftime. Fresh polo ponies — despite the name, they are full-size horses — are constantly rotated into the game.

Game Duration: A game typically consists of six seven-minute “chukkers” separated by three-minute breaks, and a 15-minute halftime. Fresh polo ponies — despite the name, they are full-size horses — are constantly rotated into the game.

Line of the Ball: Established for orderly play and safety, the path of the ball may not be impeded and the player who last hit the ball has the right of way.

Line of the Ball: Established for orderly play and safety, the path of the ball may not be impeded and the player who last hit the ball has the right of way.


Empire Polo Club, International Polo Club Palm Beach, Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, United States Polo Association,

Photos by Dmitriy Hanuka – Three D Media

Roger Grody contributed to this story

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Phenomenal Estate in Ireland

Restored and refurbished, this immaculate residence in Dublin, Ireland spans over 492 square meters. 

“The attention to detail is phenomenal,” says listing agent Karen Mulvaney of Coldwell Banker Ireland. “There are pictured buttons on the light panels that represent scenes and moods. The current owners have thought of everything.”

Features of the home include a cinema, wine room, bar, gym, playroom, office and formal drawing room. “The drawing room is magnificent and made for a family Christmas,” says Mulvaney. “And, the large open plan kitchen/dining/living room is truly the heart of this home.”

The home, listed for 3.25 million euros, also offers a master suite with walk-in wardrobes and an en suite bath, and a garden that is landscaped to allow sunlight into different areas throughout the day.

“This is the perfect period home, without the maintenance, as it’s been future-proofed with technology, even though it was built sometime after 1780,” says Mulvaney.

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Grand Re-opening of Palmilla Beach Golf Course

Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Community is taking their community to the next level with a new golf course, slated to open Saturday, June 1st in Port Aransas, Texas.

Red McCombs, the developer of the Palmilla Beach Resort and Golf Community, says “the damage to our golf course caused by Hurricane Harvey gave us a great opportunity — not just to rebuild the golf course, but to reinvent it to be much better, especially for vacationing families.”

Grand Re-opening

Palmilla Beach Golf is open to the public year-round, and everyone is invited to join the grand opening celebration from 10am-3pm on Saturday, June 1st.

Festivities will include:

  • Live music
  • Games
  • Prizes
  • Demonstrations from Callaway and a Dulce Vida tequila tasting tent
  • Guests can ride the new golf boards.


Palmilla Beach appeals to families looking for a luxurious community or vacation stay and has made changes to the golf course to include all types of golfers, including children, beginners and more.

“The improvements to Palmilla Beach Golf were influenced by changing consumer and golf trends,” commented Joe Shields, McComb’s grandson. “Play at traditional courses is down and Port A visitors want more variety, entertainment, and fun from their vacations.” The new course is a terrific activity for friends, families and novice golfers, yet still challenging from the tips for serious golfers, according to Shields. “It’s designed to be fun for everyone. And we are excited to bring these positive changes to the great game of golf.”

Additions to the course:

  • 9 holes of true links-style golf (still the only of its kind in Texas)
  • The LOOP, a 3-hole short course
  • Class A driving range  
  • Electric golf boards (plus traditional golf carts) 


In addition to booking a 9-hole round of golf, Palmilla Beach Golf is introducing the 12PACK and 21PACK. The 12PACK combines the 9-hole course plus The LOOP, a 3-hole, 85-100 yard pitch and putt. For avid golfers, the 21PACK allows players to play the 9 holes twice, followed by The LOOP.  The course also includes a full-size Class A driving range with five target greens, plus a short game practice green.


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Around The World

We look at four areas outside the U.S. attracting international attention for their real estate.

By Alyssa Gautieri, Kristen Ordonez and Marlene Ridgway

© / gradyreese

Turks and Caicos

With a booming economy, a rise in tourism, and massive projects underway, Turks and Caicos is attracting luxury buyers nationwide, according to Perla Nieves Chesterton of The Pearl Residences.

“Besides the lovely, sunny and warm weather, people flock to the islands to cash in on the opportunities,” says Chesterton. “There are no income, property, capital gain or estate taxes. There’s a shortage of and a need for just about any business, so success is almost guaranteed.”


Property in Turks and Caicos can range from $1 million to $75 million. According to Chesterton, luxury condos can be purchased for around $1 million, exceptional condos for $2 million to $3 million, and waterfront homes for around $1 million. Beachfront residences are typically priced between $5 million and $25 million, but may go up to around $75 million. “The entire country and its marketing is positioned at exclusive and luxury hotels, homes and services,” Chesterton explains.


Visitors, residents and investors are coming from geographically diverse locations — from Russia and China to the U.S., Canada and U.K. The primary market is Canada, the U.K., and the U.S. — with most American buyers coming from the Northeast.

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos | © / anouchka


Canada is one to boast some of the safest communities in the world, from the metropolitan areas of Toronto to quaint neighborhoods like Halton Hills. Melissa Krause, sales representative for RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc., considers herself an expert here as she has witnessed the town evolve before her eyes.


“Halton Hills has a genuine sense of community, where people come together to support one another,” she says, also noting that many families are drawn to these communities. According to Krause, there are many aspects of this region that attract buyers both nationally and internationally.

Glen Williams, Toronto | Photo courtesy of Melissa Krause



”[Halton Hills], which features Georgetown, Acton and the quaint villages of Glen Williams, Limehouse and Norval, often brings about buyers from the larger and surrounding metropolis,” she notes, saying that many relocate from the bigger cities of Oakville, Mississauga and others with the desire to live in a small town. This need from buyers is satisfied in areas like this in Canada both through luxury residences and communities as well as extracurriculars and amenities for all.

The most desirable luxury homes in Halton Hills are in Glen Williams, or “The Glen,” which is home to the largest artisan’s village in North America. From the different studios, antique shops, and both fine and casual dining to the three exclusive subdivisions, the luxury lifestyle is within easy reach in this small town.

In terms of prices and listings, the highest priced listings in Halton Hills range anywhere from $1.5 million to $2.5 million, with these homes sitting in any of the high-end subdivisions, Wildwood Estates, Bishop Court and Meadows in The Glen. The highest-priced residential home can be priced upwards of $4 million, surrounded by 10-plus acres with all the “bells and whistles” included, from in-ground pools, gourmet chef’s kitchens, and more. “Rural homes of this magnitude do not come up often and when they do it can take a much longer time to sell,” Krause says.



With foreign consumers coming from Spain, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom and The United States, Argentina is drawing in a range of luxury buyers. “Argentina has always been considered a top destination in Latin America and has an important position in the South American luxury market,” says Viviana Bonelli of Coldwell Banker Grupo Gardiol.


“From an economical and political perspective, new leadership in Argentina has created better expectations for the future,” says Bonelli, who notes that favorable exchange rates in 2018 have increased interest from foreigners in the luxury real estate market. Growing popular in the U.S., Argentina is particularly popular among residents from California, Miami and New York.


“Vacation homes have long been a draw for high-net-worth investors — whether it is ski, golf, mountain or beachside retreats,” Bonelli says. “In Argentina, we observed that affluent consumers look for something that is truly unique, and this has a different representation for each person.” She said the highest-priced listing in Buenos Aires area is around $10 million.


Bonelli also notes a rise in tourism in Uruguay, one of Argentina’s neighboring countries.

Bariloche, Nahuel Huapi Lake, Argentina | © / MaRabelo


“The tourism industry in Uruguay is an important part of its economy. Oceanfront luxury developments are attracting investors from Europe, Argentina and Brazil, looking for luxury living, with unparalleled degree of elegance and functionality plus extraordinary amenities,” she says.




“The Irish economy is the fastest growing economy in Europe with a projected growth rate for 2018 of 5.6 percent,” says Phil Thompson, real estate agent for Des Lalor Auctioneers. This projection supports the notion that Ireland’s luxury real estate is solid and continuing to expand, which can partly be explained by the rise in net immigration. “A high percentage of luxury property buyers are coming from overseas, both returning Irish migrants who rode out the depression in more lucrative locations and high-net-worth individuals moving here for employment,” says Thompson.


Lake house in Republic of Ireland © / MaRabelo

Chinese and Asian buyers, as well as those “seeking a safe haven in the European Union,” are another source of expansion, according to Thompson. The rise in buyers has put a strain on the available housing in cities, which has boosted the value and popularity of space outside of Dublin. “Prices are increasing rapidly in the commuter belt, 10 to 20 miles from Dublin city center,” says Thompson.

Additionally, an area growing in value is The Docklands. This is the area where “social media giants such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn have their European headquarters and is proving highly popular as the new workers try to secure homes close to where they work,” says Thompson.

Thompson reports no shortage of real estate options. “The luxury market in the Dublin area is generally considered to consist of properties in the €1 million-plus ($1.15 million-plus) range,” he says. The highest-priced listing is a 7-bedroom mansion in a coastal setting for €10 million ($11.5 million).

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Re-Imagining Costa Rica

A 1,400-acre, gated resort and residential community on the north Pacific coast of Costa Rica recently announced the second phase of its more than $100 million transformation. As part of a vision to connect its 11 miles of coastline from end to end for the first time, Peninsula Papagayo is introducing new adventures, lifestyle amenities and resort enhancements for residents and guests of Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica and Andaz Costa Rica Resort.

Gencom — an international luxury hospitality and residential real estate investment and development firm and developer of Peninsula Papagayo — has made it a goal to honor the local culture and foster a true sense of community. “With our newly introduced amenities, only-here experiences and eco-luxurious real estate offerings, we are nurturing a strong and cohesive community rooted in wellness and sustainability,” says Donald McGregor, Gencom’s senior vice president of development and managing director for the Latin America region.

The re-imagination project will include a Papagayo Explorers Club, a bike-share program, and Four Seasons Private Residences Prieta Bay, the newest real estate enclave. Stirring up excitement, Camp Jaguar will offer adventures in the forest, ocean sports, and survival training, all meant to encourage confidence and self-discovery. “We are excited to see the combined effort of all the momentous enhancements give discerning travelers and homeowners compelling new reasons to discover Costa Rica,” says McGregor.

Photos courtesy of Peninsula Papagayo.

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On Location: Perfect in Paradise at Wymara Villas

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

By Mark Moffa

Each bedroom enjoys oceanfront balconies.

The view from the living room.

An oceanside deck has steps directly into the ocean.

In my 13 years with Unique Homes, I’ve been fortunate to travel to so many amazing places for this On Location feature. Yet a recent visit to the Wymara Villas in Turks and Caicos provided the most luxurious accommodations I’ve experienced yet.


What are the truly affluent seeking in a Caribbean property? Seclusion. Safety. Sophistication. Convenience. High-end finishes, amenities and technology. And on-site personnel who provide an unsurpassed level of service. You’ll find it all here.


After a less-than-four-hour direct flight to Providenciales from New York City, we arrived midday Friday for lunch on the pure, white sand of Grace Bay beach at the Wymara Turks and Caicos (a Wymara Resort). Once settled on the other side of the island at our $4.75 million Atlantic Ocean-front villa — only a short, 10-minute shuttle ride away — we felt at home.


A Maldives-inspired design with Greek island architectural elements is both modern and timeless, breathtaking and comforting. Part of an exclusive six-villa site designed to take advantage of unique topography and stunning elevated sea views, the indoor/outdoor feel is exhilarating and the high ceilings are invigorating. We didn’t want to leave the infinity pool or multiple decks — one with steps directly into the ocean — but Brendan O’Neill of The Agency insisted on touring us around the island.


“We don’t have really high density. We’ve managed to find this niche. People really want to come here. There’s a real brand for Turks and Caicos,” he says as he shows us how manageable the island is. “No nightclubs stay open late. The people who are here embrace what is great about the place.”


The Turks and Caicos brand is one that can’t compete with Jamaica or the Dominican Republic for volume or lower-spending clientele — nor does it want to. The island uses U.S. currency, has no limitation on foreign ownership (unlike the Bahamas), and has no limitation on how long you can work in residence (unlike the Caymans and the Bahamas). Private schools, private jet FBOs and a population of less than 40,000 add to the draw for the likes of Bruce Willis, Donna Karan, Dick Clark and Prince, all of whom have owned property or spent significant time on the islands.


Before returning to the U.S. on Monday, we experienced an array of memorable moments: blissful beach time, the most relaxing massages ever at the resort’s Spa (and we have had our share of great massages), snorkeling at the third largest barrier reef in the world, and unique encounters on Iguana Island (Little Water Cay) chief among them. But without a doubt, the most romantic and unimaginably indelible aspect of our escape was the villa itself. Impressive.

Photos courtesy of The Agency

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Pick Your Penthouse

A selection of gorgeous penthouse units on the market allow for home seekers to find a sky-high residence all their own. From the Italian countryside to the sandy beaches of Hawaii, here are a variety of penthouses across the globe, all with elevated aesthetic sensibilities and access to world-class amenities.

Overlooking the hilltop town of Casole d’Elsa, the 3,350 square foot residence is perfectly situated within Castello di Casole, a historic castle in Tuscany, Italy that dates back to the 10th century. It is the ultimate in estate living encompassing three bedrooms, spacious private terrace, full kitchen and fireplace. Owners can enjoy a dedicated concierge, governate and private chefs as well as ensuite dining and spa services.

Photo courtesy of Casali di Casole.

Photo courtesy of Ascent South Lake Union.

Developed by Greystar, this nautical-inspired two-bedroom, two-bathroom penthouse stands high within Ascent South Lake Union, a 25-story luxury apartment tower newly opened in Seattle’s up-and-coming neighborhood. Ascent South Lake Union offers penthouse residents prime access to the adjacent Amazon headquarters across the street, unparalleled views of the Downtown skyline, Lake Union and the Space Needle, and a host of smart home technology. Penthouse residents have access to The Observatory, a rooftop lounge and open-air deck, as well as an organic green roof, a rooftop spa, indoor entertainment kitchen, a pet spa, life-size Scrabble board and state-of-the-art fitness center. View the floor plan here.

As the pinnacle of luxury at the newest resort and on the lush island of Kauai, the three-bedroom and three-and-a-half bathroom Kaiholo penthouse offers spacious living with cliffside views of the 18-hole Ocean Course at Hokuala, Hau’pu Mountain Range and Nawiliwili Bay. As the largest residence at Timbers Kauai, the penthouse spans 5,239 square feet with a 1,795 square foot private lanai and features include Sapele hardwood floors, natural stone vanities and custom cabinetry, and beautifully appointed kitchens with Thermador Masterpiece appliances and an integrated wine cooler.

Photo courtesy of Timbers Kauai.

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Going Global: More Splendor in Vietnam

On nearly 700 acres of coastal Vietnam, Laguna Lang Cô — one of the most luxurious resorts in Asia — is slated to add the palatial Banyan Tree Residences over the next few years to the ambitious resort. Incorporated seamlessly into the oceanfront jungle, each of the 40 new mountainside residences will include its own outdoor infinity pool.

Located on the northern end of the sprawling property, the luxury villas will vary in size from 1,636 square feet for a one-bedroom layout to 2,799 square feet for a three-bedroom. The residences also boast breathtaking views of Laguna’s nearly two-mile stretch of private beach property.

“These residences really showcase everything that is special about this property — its combination of mountains, forest and ocean,” said Gavin Herholdt, Laguna Lang Cô’s managing director. “Not only will owners get to savor the nature and the amenities here, they will also enjoy attractive arrangements at properties around the globe.”

The design of the new residences is inspired by the architecture of Hue, Vietnam’s former imperial capital city, and is complemented by contemporary accents, including specially chosen artwork. Owners of these world-class villas also gain access to amenities including exclusive access to spas, golf courses, excursions, and watersports.


Photos courtesy of Laguna Lang Co.

This story previously appeared in the Winter 2019 edition of Unique Homes Magazine.

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